Solar Panels


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Why you should use Solar Panels for electrification

Business Models

Business Models

We currently have 3 business models for anyone who is interested setting up solar panels in residential/commercial place

Direct Purchase

This is the simplest model where the client can directly purchase Panels from us and we will install it and also do Net-Metering thereby sending the electricity back to the grid. We do both Ground Level as well as Elevated Solar Panels.

Lease/Finance Model

This Model is for people who want to install Solar Panels but don’t have the CapEx to support it. In this case we have created a model where we will do the CapEx for the client and we would lease it to them for a period of 12 years with monthly Installments.

Decentralized space leasing for Solar panels

India’s first decentralized space leasing for solar power utlization. This will be one of a kind imagine AirBnB for open space where you will be able to generate revenue from open space.

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