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We, at SKS Cleantech, believe in making this world a much more greener in every aspect without compromising on the quaility of life. Thus, here we are, venturing into every form of business which has a direct or incidental impact on making this world a better and greener place to live in. As we know, the two major contributors to air pollution are – burning of the coal to power our home i.e. electricity generated through the grid and the other being tail-pipe emission of vehicles. 

So, here is our solution to tackle these two giant problems that is currently making this world greyer! We, at SKS Cleantech, are excited to join hands with you for your greener step with our ROOFTOP SOLAR INSTALLATIONS and ELECTRIC VEHICLE FOR LOGISTICS! ADD-ON!!! We can help you with the finances too..!!!


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Sundar Iyer

Founder & CEO

5 years of experience at Honda R&D, US, and student of economics with a passion to connect the dots and create patterns out of chaos.

Gopalakrishnan Iyer

Co-Founder & COO

3 years into solar panel installations backed with over 20 years of IT industry experience and international deployment like the United Nations.