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“Carbon footprints” is the current buzzword we get to Hear all around. In couple of decades, when we look back, we are going to wonder what we could have done to make the world much more liveable. We, at SKS CleanTech, don’t believe in wondering… but in putting thoughts to action. SKS CleanTech is a technology-powered green energy promoter focused on efficient utilisation of the untapped resources, to build a gracefully greener world with lower carbon footprints. Electric mobility and Renewable energy are going to be the way of life in the course of time and we are right here with our all electric logistic solution and on-grid solar power solution – Join hands with us for a CLEANER & GREENER Growth!

Our Businesses

Our Businesses

when we look back, we are going to wonder what we could have done to make the world a much more environment friendly for our next generation.

Solar Panelling

We undertake both On-Grid and Off-Grid paneling from inspection to implementation it is a one-stop solution that we offer. We have 3 different business models depending on one's need and capacity.

Electric Vehicle Logistics

We have Collaborated with a first mile and last mile logistics company operating with just EV, which works as Uber for Logistics.

Swapping Stations

The entire battery swapping process takes just about 2 minutes and gives great mobility to the e-rickshaw drivers. The Lithium-ion batteries provided by Charge-up weigh less than 30 kg which makes them much easier to handle.

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20X Return

On investment with higher
generation and reduced cost


Option is also available for all the solar projects.

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Then the market pricing with 50% higher quality.

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